/Get 30% off Classic Flight Rewards for Economy travel with Qantas and Jetstar

Get 30% off Classic Flight Rewards for Economy travel with Qantas and Jetstar

If you are planning or considering travel in Economy Class on Qantas or Jetstar during the rest of the year or into next, this is a great opportunity to save some of your points.

These sales tend to run every 3-6 months and are valuable for those travelling during peak periods and/or as a family or group. The last time we saw a promo like this was in March. A 30% discount is the average that is offered.

Current Qantas and Jetstar Economy Class discount offer

Qantas Economy discount promotion March 2019

Here is how Qantas describes the offer:

30% off points on Economy Classic Flight Rewards

Feel like taking off? You can save 30% off the Qantas Points required for an Economy Classic Flight Reward on eligible Qantas, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia flights worldwide.

The promotion applies to Economy Class travel on all domestic and international Qantas-, Jetstar- and Jetstar Asia-operated flights.

Please note, the discount doesn’t apply to taxes, fees and carrier charges.

How to take advantage of this promotion

  1. Log in to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account and select Use points to search for your flights
  2. Book an Economy Classic Flight Reward between 10am (AEST) 13 June and 11:59pm (AEST) 16 June 2019 on flights operated by Qantas, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia with a QF, JQ or 3K flight number
  3. Travel between 23 July 2019 and 31 March 2020

Examples of Economy Class discounts

All of the following prices are for one-way travel in Economy Class:

Route Regular pricing Pricing with discount
Sydney – Melbourne on Jetstar 6400 4480
Sydney – Melbourne 8000 5600
Adelaide – Darwin 18000 12600
Perth – Singapore 22500 15750
Brisbane – Hong Kong 28000 19600
Sydney – Honolulu on Jetstar 28800 20160
Sydney – Honolulu 35000 24500
Melbourne – Dubai 45000 31500
Brisbane – Los Angeles 45000 31500
Sydney – London 60000 42000

Getting the best value out of this promotion

You may want to aim to get at least 2 cents per point value from your Qantas Points (according to our valuations).

So, if a one-way flight from Sydney to Melbourne costs $150 or 5,600 Qantas Points + $35 in taxes with this promotion, you’d be getting ~2.1c per point value.

Qantas 747 and A380 plane at Sydney Airport
A Qantas Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 at Sydney Airport

However, if your return flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles during Christmas time is $2,300 or 63,000 points with this discount + $452 in taxes, then you’d be getting a healthier 2.9c value for each point you use—that represents better value.

Note that the significant taxes and fees Qantas adds onto award flights can reduce their value substantially.

Frequently asked questions

When does it make sense to use my Qantas Points for Economy Class flights?

Everyone’s financial situation, points balances and preferences are different. This means that the option of using points for Economy Class travel should not be written off. This guide can help you decide.

Does this promotion apply to First, Business or Premium Economy redemptions?

No, it doesn’t. This promotion only offers discounts for Economy Class travel.

Are taxes and fees also discounted?

No, the discount does not extend to the ordinary surcharges and taxes that apply to Classic Flight Reward redemptions.

Can I cancel an existing booking and rebook at the cheaper price?

Yes, you can, but you’ll want to make sure that the savings are more than 5,000/6,000 points for a domestic/international trip, given the change fee.

How do I see the discount when I search?

Annoyingly, when you go to book a Classic Flight Reward, the total points cost will just show you the final discounted amount and will not show you what the price would have been without the discount. If you are unsure whether or not the discount has been applied, you can check the ordinary points cost of your flight here.

Are partner airlines included?

This promotion covers travel on Qantas, Jetstar and Jetstar Asia only. Other partners such as Emirates, American Airlines and Cathay Pacific are not included.

Can I mix Qantas and Jetstar flights on the same itinerary?

No, you cannot mix Qantas and Jetstar flights. That is because the required points for Jetstar redemptions are already 20% less than redemptions on Qantas flights.

Will I earn points on these flights?

No. As usual, you will not earn any points on award flights.

Does the discount not apply if I choose the ‘Points Plus Pay’ option?

No, it does not.

Offer history

Previous promotions have run as follows:

Date Discount (%) Notes
June 2019 30
March 2019 30
September 2018 25
March 2018 30
December 2017 50 international only
August 2017 25
May 2017 25
August 2016 20
Average 29.38

Summing up

Whilst the best value for redeeming your points is usually found in Business and First Class, there are cases where redeeming your points for Economy Class tickets can make good sense.

Note, though, that these promotions do not take into account the generally significant taxes and fees that Qantas tends to charge on award flights, so that reduces the value of this redemption opportunity. Having said that, of course, it is 100% up to you how you use your points.

You can start your search and make your booking online on the Qantas website.

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