/Miles Away: A Trip to The Seychelles, Africa’s Tropical Paradise

Miles Away: A Trip to The Seychelles, Africa’s Tropical Paradise

Long before I joined forces with The Points Guy, he published a review and trip report that still often comes to mind, detailing Le Meridien Barbarons and his experience exploring the island nation of the Seychelles.

But TPG himself isn’t the only coworker who’s had an opportunity to visit — senior writer Darren Murph is also a Seychelles pro, so I invited Darren to join me to chat flights, hotels and activities on the podcast this week, helping me (and you!) plan the perfect trip to paradise.

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As Darren explains on the podcast, visitors will find an entirely different experience than they’ll get on the mainland:

“[The Seychelles] is Africa’s Hawaii. So if you want to visit Hawaii but on the other side of the world, this is it. It is the closest thing to Hawaii, but it’s on the continent of Africa. Or associated with it. So you get this amazing blend of both.”

Tourists can expect incredible beaches, great mountain hikes and warm hospitality from the locals — plus a reasonably short flight from the mainland, making the Seychelles an appealing side-trip option before or after an African safari.

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Featured image by Darren Murph.