/One of Cape Town’s Biggest Tourist Attractions Is on Fire

One of Cape Town’s Biggest Tourist Attractions Is on Fire

If you were headed to Cape Town to take advantage of the great paragliding the area has to offer, we’ve got bad news: Cape Town’s famous Lion’s Head and Signal Hill are currently going up in flames.

The fire, which started Sunday afternoon around 4pm, is being fed by strong 25 to 30mph winds. As of Sunday afternoon, some 70 fire fighters and 20 fire-fighting vehicles, including helicopters, were on the scene attempting to gain control of the flames.

Emergency vehicles are blocking some of the main roads but so far flights arriving and departing Cape Town International Airport (CPT) don’t appear to be affected by the fire.

Social media has been providing pretty incredible video and images of the current situation:

The high winds are causing the fire to spread quickly:

We will continue to update this post as this story develops.

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Featured image courtesy of Joseph Dana