/Big Fluffy Dog Sits in Coach Seat on China Southern Flight

Big Fluffy Dog Sits in Coach Seat on China Southern Flight

Even if you’re skeptical about allowing emotional support animals aboard planes, you should still take a minute to look at this dog flying coach on China Southern.

🇨🇳 Complimenti alla Southern Airlines che sui voli interni permette di viaggiare anche ai cani di grande taglia 🔝🐕🐩🌏 #travel

Posted by Massimo Ceccarelli on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

If you weren’t sure, what you’re looking at is a 13 second video of a massive, brown Alaskan Malamute aboard a passenger plane. Seated next to his owner, he appears to be in high spirits.

The video, although recorded last year, has recently garnered some attention on Facebook. Not much is known about the anonymous dog or the owner,  but reports from the airline, China Southern, confirm that aside from being a verified emotional support animal,  he was, in fact, a good boy.

While not everybody’s cup of tea, we suggest you enjoy the cuteness while you can. Recently, airline carriers have been tightening up their ESA restrictions. In 2018, Delta Air Lines banned all emotional support animals on long-haul flights and American Airlines banned 13 types of animals from boarding their planes.

Featured image via Massimo Ceccarelli on Facebook.