/Denver Flyer Takes Ski-In Ski-Out to A Whole Other Level

Denver Flyer Takes Ski-In Ski-Out to A Whole Other Level

A Reddit user recently posted on the subreddit r/Denver a photo of what looks like an ordinary flyer lining up to board a flight. However, if you look a bit closer, you’ll notice something quite unusual. The flyer, seen in the center of the photo, is wearing red ski boots — possibly to avoid the baggage fees that plague travelers these days.

(Image via u/klyphw on Reddit)

While there are a variety of theories making rounds on Reddit as to why someone would put themselves through the pain of wearing ski boots on a flight, our money is on luggage restrictions. In fact, the post’s caption reads, “Gotta do what you gotta do to avoid those bag fees.”

With a personal item (backpack) and a carry-on bag (duffle bag), the flyer, who appears to be boarding the two-and-half-hour United flight 2114 bound for San Francisco, would either have to check his boots or another piece of luggage. That would have cost him $30 one-way (unless he had United Explorer Card).

Another theory is that our flyer is an avid skier trying to maximize his time on the slopes. Reddit users discussed whether or not you could consider Denver International Airport (DEN) ski-in/ski-out, the term used to describe a hotel or resort located in such close proximity to a ski area that essentially guests can just pop their skis on and hit the slopes. One Reddit user cheekily commented, “What do you mean DIA isn’t ski-in ski-out?”

The person in the photo has yet to comment on his fame within the Denver subreddit.

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Featured image via u/klyphw on Reddit